Kish Island

Kish Island the “PEARL” of the Persian Gulf is located, 18 kilometers from Mainland Iran and is part of the most extreme southern coastal province, the Hormogazan.

The Island forms a part of a system of Islands, including Qeshm, Lavan, Hendorabi, Farur, Siri, Abu Musa, … and is the most urbanized island of all the islands and the tourism centre of the Persian Islands in the Persian Gulf with longest history of tourism. In order to maintain the Kish Island’s tourism destination, it has not been exploited for oil reserves which many of the other Islands have.

Kish has pursued a long term management policy to maintain a level of non-polluting industry. Kish Island is a part of the free zones of Iran, including amongst others Qeshm Island and Chabahar. Transit goods, two ports and an airport serving passengers and exports, support the Kish economy.